Village Car Store   1390 Courtright Rd  Columbus,OH43227   (614) 237-8147
Village Car Store
1390 Courtright Rd
ColumbusOH 43227
 (614) 237-8147

Reviews Of Village Car Store

4.82 100 Reviews
Jonnalagadda Venkateswara Rao
Aug 10, 2018

Michael Hinterschied
Jun 29, 2018

ERIC AND ZACH DO A GREAT JOB. THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO GET YOUR NEXT CAR! Just bought another car from Village. Yes, and got another great deal! Thanks Eric and staff!

Shiine Abdi
Jun 28, 2018

Jim Smith
Jun 23, 2018

Lara Howard
Jun 22, 2018

Jeff was very helpful and knowledgeable, I would highly recommend this place to anyone I know looking for a decent used car.

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